The Festivals of The World Celebration

Festival is one proof of a celebration. In the world, the number of this celebration is so many. Even it is difficult to calculate the number of the celebration accurately. The different culture and the different living place is one reason for this diversity. This is why every festival looks so unique and different with the other place. For people who like with the cultural tourism, festival is the awaited moment. If you interested with this tour, you need to know some festival which celebrated in every region.

The number of festivals of the world is so varied appropriate with the breadth of this world. And for people who want to visit the other country, this is important to know the culture and know the celebration time. One of the festivals of the world is Rio Carnival. In Brazil this festival is so popular and famous. Every year when this festival celebrated, there are so many people see this festival.

The other festival is Chinese New Year. In the other country maybe this celebration is not celebrated as festive as in china. When the New Year of China celebrated, the town will be changed and full with cheer. Actually the number of festivals of the world is so many. This is why this world is so beauty.

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